May 9, 2020

On a hot day, you will want to turn on the air conditioner to cool down your home. Your cooling system has many working parts, and the most important is the compressor. You can thank your air conditioner compressor for doing all the hard work. When you flip the thermostat, you will want to know how your system works. Let’s take a look at the operation of your air conditioning system.

Several Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Depending on your home’s cooling system, you probably have a split system that contains a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator on the outside of the building. In some cases, your home could have a package system that includes all those components within a single outdoor unit. Many of these systems will place the unit on your roof or the ground level near your home.

No matter what system you have in your home, they all contain the same parts to keep you cool during those hot and humid months. The compressor controls most of the functions of the system. It will draw in cold low-pressure air from the inside of your home. When that happens, the compressor will compress the refrigerant to raise the temperature. The coolant will exit the compressor as a high-pressure gas. This gas will interact with your indoor air to cool down your home.

Important Components of Your AC

Along with the compressor, you also have a condenser, an evaporator, and an expansion valve. These parts take the warm air in your home and pump it through the refrigerant. This refrigerant is a fluid that will absorb heat and that will carry cold air into your home. However, you must check this fluid on a regular basis since a leak can cause warm air to enter your home. The refrigerant is the same fluid used in your kitchen refrigerator that helps keep your food cold. It will work in the same manner to cool down your home. Therefore, you need to keep up with the maintenance of this fluid.

Within your central air conditioning system, several components work together to cool down your home. For that reason, you want to make sure that you have regular maintenance on your unit. With a maintenance visit, you can ensure that your compressor and other components will last for a long time. If you are looking to schedule maintenance in Maplewood, make sure to call Primary Service Group.

How Does the Compressor Work?

You might want to know about the operation of a central air conditioning compressor. The cool-down process will happen in several steps. The compressor will pump outside air into the refrigerant and off to the evaporator. During this stage, the refrigerant will absorb your home’s heat and turn it into cold air. As it cools, the refrigerant will convert into a vapor and hold in the heat. With the extra heat, the refrigerant vapor travels back to the compressor as it pulls the heat out of your home.

The heated refrigerant will travel back into your outdoor conditioning unit as a vapor. The compressor will pull in the coolant and reheat it into a gas. Since it is a gas, the refrigerant will turn the heat into cold air. Once the refrigerant cools, it will start to turn back into a liquid. At the last stage, the refrigerant has lost most of its heat. The compressor will send it back into the indoor air conditioning unit until your temperature is the same as the thermostat.

There Are Different Types of Compressors

Many manufacturers create two different types of compressors: a scroll-type compressor or a reciprocating compressor. With the reciprocating compressor, a motor is used to power the unit in a similar manner as a motor in your car. This motor contains a piston and cylinder. The external power will compress the refrigerant inside the cylinder. With this compressor style, you might have a hermetically sealed, semi-hermetically sealed, or an open-type form of compressor.

With a scroll compressor, there are two interleaved scrolls. The fixed scroll will allow the other one to rotate as it stays in place. During this time, there are small gaps between the scrolls that cause the refrigerant to compress. All the scroll compressors must rotate to compress the coolant in your unit. These scroll-type compressors usually cost more than a reciprocating unit, but they are more efficient than other systems.

The Right Refrigerant Is Important

As you can tell, refrigerants are vital to the performance of your compressor. There are several types of coolants on the market. You want to find the right refrigerant for your system. If you have too much or too little refrigerant, it can be harmful to your compressor.

R-22 refrigerant was in use until 2015, and it went by the trade name of Freon. However, this liquid contained hydrochlorofluorocarbons that caused issues for the ozone layer. R-407C is the closest replacement to Freon, but it does not contain harmful chemicals. Today, many air conditioning units and cooling technicians will use R-410A. This formula is safer for the environment than previous refrigerants. The EPA recognizes the formula as containing no chlorine that could cause damage to the ozone layer.

The Bottom Line

In your air conditioning system, the compressor is an essential component. When it fails in your system, you might be stuck with a hot home. You will want to perform maintenance on your cooling system to keep it free from obstructions that can cause problems with airflow. Maintenance can also help to keep the refrigerant recharged and filled to help your system run more efficiently.

You want to keep up on maintenance since compressors can be expensive to repair or to replace. Many of them are covered under warranty, but you might have to pay out of pocket even with coverage. If your unit is out of warranty, you will have a hefty repair bill that will include parts, labor, and other supplies. Like most homeowners, you want to save on bills. It is in your best interest to keep your compressor in top shape, or you could be facing unnecessary repair costs.

If your air conditioning compressor is not working as it should, then it might be time to call a professional. An experienced technician will determine your issue, and this professonal can help with routine maintenance on the unit. With regular maintenance, you can expect the unit to last from 10 to 15 years. You should see maintenance as an investment that will keep your system operating for many years to come.

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