Plumbing Services Middlesex County Loves!

    Plumber in Middlesex County, NJIf you’re looking for dependable, honest plumbing services for Middlesex County, NJ, Primary Service Group is the name you can trust! We may have started in 2017, but we’ve been in the industry for almost two decades, and our experience is just one of the many reasons Middlesex County loves our plumbing services.

    We offer honest pricing, convenient scheduling, and our skilled plumbers maintain high levels of integrity and safety in all of our services. From drain cleaning to underwater and sewer work, you can count on Primary Service Group for the best in plumbing services!

    Plumbing Services We Offer:
    • Drain Camera Inspection
    • Underground Water and Sewer Work

    Expert Drain Cleaning for Middlesex County

    A clogged drain is a problem that every homeowner hates to face, and the store-bought chemical treatments are often ineffective, and dangerous to use. Don’t let a faulty drain slow you down—let the skilled plumbers at Primary Service Group help! We use modern camera and hydrojetting techniques, as well as the classic snaking methods to get the bottom of why your drain isn’t working correctly. Whether it’s a bathtub, kitchen sink, or any other drain, we’ll pinpoint the issue and provide a solution with honesty and accuracy. Or, even if your drains appear to be functioning normally, naturally-occurring buildup could be leading to eventual clogging. Instead of waiting for problems to show up, consider using our preventative drain cleaning service so you can avoid dealing with clogged drains! Our preventive drain cleaning maintenance service will remove this buildup and any lingering smells so you can have the full intended functionality of your drains.

    Signs You May Need Professional Drain Cleaning:

    Expert Drain Cleaning for Middlesex County

    • Inefficient Draining
    • Foul Odors
    • Water Pooling Around Drain
    • Strange Noises

    Top Rated Underground Water and Sewer Work for Middlesex County

    Not only do we offer quality drain services for Middlesex County, but we also proudly provide underground water and sewer plumbing services! From maintenance to piping and valve repairs, our underground water and sewer services are always professional and thorough. We maintain high standards of safety and efficiency and consider safety and your satisfaction our top priorities. Our plumbers use efficient, effective techniques and tools in all of our sewer and underground water work, and use their experience and testing of equipment to ensure a quality job every time. Whether it’s a sewer drain installation or water main servicing, Primary Service Group can help!

    For high-quality Middlesex County plumbing services, from drain cleaning and repair to underground water and sewer work, you can count on Primary Service Group! If you have any questions about our plumbing services or would like to schedule a service visit, call us today!