July 11, 2020

The summer weather can prove uncomfortable and stifling. Thankfully, you can spend an abundance of time indoors and take advantage of the house’s air conditioner. Unfortunately, the interior doesn’t seem to be as cold as it should. Has something gone wrong with the AC? Air conditioners don’t last forever. They slowly wear out and decline over time. Then, one day, the AC might not work at all.

Don’t get caught by surprise and discover the AC has expired. Be on the lookout for evident signs of decline. Your AC will provide hints that it isn’t working the way it should and may need replacing. Here is a look at five signs an air conditioner is on the way out.

1. Air Conditioner Not Cooling the Home

Cold air should come out of the air conditioner consistently. Weaker or uneven performance reflects a sign that the AC isn’t running as it should.

Now, the limited performance might not necessarily mean the air conditioner is ready to fail. Sometimes, the airflow may fluctuate. Cool air could come out in the proper amount and then decline without warning. Even if the AC goes back-and-forth from decreased airflow to “normal” performance, don’t assume things are all right. The unit may require a tune-up or repairs.

Replacing a minor part could be enough to fix things. A new filter might be enough to get things working again. However, if several parts require replacing, the unit may be past the point where repairs make sense. You won’t know for sure how serious the problem is until someone performs an inspection.

Don’t let too much time pass before finding out what’s wrong with the air conditioner. You want to get the system checked out before the repairs become too extensive or costly. Primary Service Group helps homeowners in Maplewood and elsewhere in Central and Northern New Jersey with air conditioning and heating heeds. Repair and replacement work rank among the company’s certified technicians’ specialties.

2. Energy Bills Increase Dramatically

When you notice your electric bill skyrockets upward, you might think that the increase is understandable. After all, during the hot summer months, you’ll be running the air conditioner more frequently. True, but try to think about the electric bill you received the previous summer. Are these new fees far more than the dollar amounts of the last summer? If so, think about other things that might drive up your electric costs. Did you buy something that consumes large amounts of electricity? When you’re not using any other appliances more than usual, something might be “off” to drive up your utility costs.

Why would the air conditioner increase electrical costs? Mainly, the system doesn’t operate with the same efficiency as before. Worn parts may require the unit to work a lot harder to cool the home. “Working harder” requires drawing more energy and more time is needed to cool your home. Electricity costs expand as a result.

Once again, fixing the problem may require only a part to be replaced. Perhaps the unit needs electrical rewiring, or the thermostat might be at fault. An inspection will reveal the problem and solution. As always, getting to the heart of the problem early could lead to a simple fix.

A straining, noisy system is also not an energy-efficient one. If you notice your utility bills trending upward, then the AC’s noise might be more than distracting. It could be a costly problem and one worth addressing right away.

3. Foul Smells From the Air Conditioner

An air conditioner should not be giving off terrible smells. When you notice an odor coming from the air conditioning system, this should be cause for alarm. Different smells do indicate various problems. A familiar smell would be a moldy, mildew-like one. The root of such scents may turn out to be, unsurprisingly, mold and mildew growing inside the unit. In such cases, cleaning and disinfecting the unit could solve the problem. Leave the task to a professional, as mold brings health hazards. You want the mold killed and removed thoroughly.

An even worse problem might cause a troubling odor: electrical wiring problems. Burning wires give off a scent. The homeowner and the occupants might not realize the smell comes from a potential fire hazard. The dangers here are significant ones. An experienced air conditioner technician should perform the necessary inspection to figure out what’s wrong with the wiring. Hopefully, the repair pro can get to the wiring problem before it causes a fire.

4. Strange Noises Coming From the System

If the air conditioner worked adequately, then it would operate more smoothly. So, you wouldn’t hear any strange or out of the ordinary sounds. Sounds hinting that the unit is straining to operate aren’t likely to occur, either. Parts may require replacing, and you won’t know the full story until a technician checks it out. Avoid unnecessary delays, though. There could be safety issues associated with the odd noises coming from the system.

5. The Air Conditioner Cycles On and Off

“Cycling” refers to the air conditioner’s inconsistent performance. The unit may power up and start running for a short period, shut off, and start running again. Different problems could be the cause of cycling issues. Homeowners might be upset to discover they purchased the wrong unit size for their property. If that is the case, installing a new system might be the only way to deal with cycling.

There are other reasons why the air conditioner might perform inconsistently. The issue could be with the thermostat, and that might be an easy problem to fix. Troubles with the coils or refrigerant leaks are potential causes as well. While a DIY job wouldn’t be advisable, calling a professional air conditioner repair team to fix things might lead to a reliable solution. Annual inspections may be worthwhile investments, as the examinations could uncover potential problems.

Not a Problem, But a Reality

The age of an air conditioner isn’t so much a problem as much as it’s a reality. When the air conditioner nears the end of its lifespan, it won’t run efficiently. Eventually, the “aged out” air conditioner will cease to operate. Even if it hangs on for many more years, it won’t do so with great efficiency.

Check the expected lifespan of your home’s AC. When the final years arrive, consider purchasing a new one. Don’t wait until the last minute, though. Plan out your purchase in advance so you can get the best new air conditioning unit. Also, proper planning cuts down on the chances of the current unit dying out before replacing it.

Don’t wait another minute if you discover your air conditioner is experiencing troubles. Call Primary Service Group immediately to set up a service appointment. Our team also handles plumbing work, indoor air quality, and more. Speak with a customer service representative today to get your home back in order.

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